Washington Area Trail Riders (WATR)


What is WATR?

Washington Area Trail Riders (WATR) is an AMA-chartered off-road motorcycling club that was founded in 1971. It is a nonprofit organization made up of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. We draw our members primarily from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, although we do have members from outside the area.

The focus of WATR is to promote the sport of off-road motorcycle riding. Our goals include identifying riding areas, sponsoring/hosting competitions and fun events, plus public awareness programs. The aim is to provide high quality riding experiences for our members. We host Fall and Spring trail rides and our AMA-sanctioned event, the Shenandoah 500, which is a two day, 500 km (310 mi) recreational ride for dual sports and adventure bikes.

Benefits of membership

  • Access to the WATR riding area in Virginia with trails for beginner to advanced riders and a kids track
  • Ride with former professional and amateur racers
  • For beginners, learn to ride and practice your skills while having fun!

Types of memberships

  • Full members have access to the WATR riding area in Virginia for the primary member, their spouse, and their children
  • Associate members do not have access to the WATR riding area but can participate in monthly meetings and WATR members-only events and work days

Application for a Full Membership

  • Contact us to check availability (info@watr.us; waivers@watr.us)

We encourage you to apply for an Associate Membership to participate in WATR meetings and events while you wait for an opportunity to apply for a Full Membership.

Application for an Associate Membership

  • Click here to apply (Waiver)
  • Dues are $50 per year for Associate Members


  • Click here to apply (Waiver)
  • All guest riders must fill out a waiver before riding at the WATR riding area
  • There is a $40 fee per guest that will be invoiced after you ride
  • If there are minor children of the guest that will ride, a spouse's signature is also required. The steps are described in the waiver.

Membership Renewal:

  • Click here to for the waiver
  • Dues are $150 - $250 per year for Full Members depending on the membership level:
     Full Membership (Two work days) $150 per year
     Full Membership (One work day)  $200 per year
     Full Membership/New Member (No work days)   $250 per year Selected the appropriate membership level from the drop-down menu of the form

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